DEIDOX: LAPD Officer Deon Joseph A Police Officer With a Purpose To Serve.

700 Club: LAPD officer Deon Joseph knows anything can happen on his patrol of Los Angeles' infamous Skid Row district, but he approaches each day with compassion for the people, determined to help make a difference.

Union Rescue Mission: LAPD Sergeant Deon Joseph looks tough in his uniform, but look closer and you'll see he has a heart for people experiencing homelessness in Los Angeles. Ride along with Sgt. Joseph as he works to help men, women, and families escape the dangerous streets of Skid Row.

ABC Fusion: Officer Deon Joseph hands out flyers, hugs and hellos as he walks through one of the biggest homeless encampments in the U.S., the Los Angeles area known as Skid Row. Joseph, senior lead officer in the Los Angeles Police Department's Central Division, has been walking this tough beat for 17 years.

AEI:  On November 12, 2015, AEI hosted a panel discussion on the challenges of and possible solutions to street homelessness. Long-time LAPD officer Deon Joseph discussed his experiences with Skid Row and what he believes we can do to best help the homeless. The opinions expressed here are his own, based on his experience, and may not reflect the views of the LAPD.

Liberty University: On November 4th, 2015, at Convocation, North America’s largest weekly gathering of Christian students, the Sheriff of Skid Row, Deon Joseph, encouraged students to be a light in their world. Joseph spoke to students about removing “I’m just a…” from their mind and replacing it with “I am a child of God.” 

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