Respect Goes A Long Ways

So I’m driving to headquarters to work the the police commission detail. I hit 5th Street and Main and see these two guys standing on the corner. An attractive Sista walks by them and they begin cat calling her staring: “Hey!  Hey gal!”

She completely ignores them and walks past them. One of the men puts his fingers on his mouth and whistles at her like she is a pet.  She kept it pushing as if they weren’t there. One of they guys under his breath said “bitch.” I stop my patrol car politely and reminded the men that she was a woman. Not a dog. For me to even have to do that was ridiculous. What do guys get out of doing that mess? I get they have the right to do it, but it just seems so ugly to me.

I had one friend years ago who whenever we would hang out, he would stick his head out of the car and yell “HEY!” to every cute girl that passed by. When one would turn around and yell back “WHAT!?”  He would have nothing to say in return. He would just sit there looking stupid AF.

Come on guys. You gotta do better.  The truth is many women don’t like that 💩.  It may work at the club, or on the track, but in real life, you gotta treat the ladies with a bit more respect.