One of The Best Perks of My Job.

I think I have the most beautiful Clergy Council in the City. Just a small group of loving ministers who truly want to be proactive in doing good. No politics, no propaganda, just love and the desire to share it with those in need. Looking back on my career, I’ve been a crime fighter. A service provider, a social worker and even a bootleg doctor. But in 2012 when I was “voluntold” to be the coordinator of this council, I had my doubts. Not in the people, but in myself. “I’m just a cop” who sometimes cussed from years of working the streets. How would I be able to coordinate this group. I don’t have the most polished leadership style.  I’m kind of a wild free radical.

I put my faith in God, and he did the rest. He sent some amazing people my way over the years.  They weren’t famous. They like I, weren’t of the so called ‘elite class’. They were just good people of faith, who did things that the world should know about.

So I will list them:

• They saved lives by stopping the mass casualties brought on by the drug spice.

• Started prayer walks in troubled corners of Skid Row.

• They helped solve a murder through a prayer vigil.

• They brought the community and police together to prevent a Ferguson style chasm between our officers and community members after a shooting.

• They created the Trust Talks to bring many facets of the downtown community together to humanize each other.

• They brought awareness to the fallout of irresponsible giving.

Now moving forward, I cannot wait to see what 2019 will bring with this small group of loving people. I truly want to say thank you to all past and present members of this council from all faiths who demonstrate that we can all come together and love on our fellow man.

You have made my law enforcement career one of great joy and inspiration.

I feel like I work with a quiet league of superheroes of faith.