Shy one who loves me

I have many drunk friends in Skid Row. Some are outrageous, some are funny, and some…. are seen to the bone. So, Im in Skid Row yesterday and as I was walking the block I see a lady I like to call “ShyShy.” The woman lives off of Old English 800. But she doesn’t hurt anyone or cause problems. She just sits to herself, looks out into the world and smiles. Rarely does she speak or interact with people as she pushes her cart.

For years I would walk past her and she would look at me, smile and cover her mouth. She would look down and give a little :tee tee.” I would always say to her “Hey beautiful. Don’t you hide that smile.” And she Ould lower her head even more. As years went by she continued to do the same with a cup of “stay down” in her hand, and would finally begin to speak. She shocked me one day when I walked by her and said “Hey beautiful. I know what’s in that cup, please poor it out, I don’t want nothin to happen to you.” She smiled, put her hand over her face and said “Hi Mr. Joseph….tee. her.” She would quickly put her head down giggling like a small school girl.

Yesterday, I walked toward her as she ambled down the street. She smiled, bowed her head, and placed her hand shyly over her mouth. Before I could even open my mouth she said “Hi beautiful. You so nice Mr. Joseph.”

She made my entire day. It has been a rough two weeks being back in the row. Before I went to work that day, I asked God to brighten my day. It’s amazing who he sends to do that.

Thank you ShyShy