Cops are not what our critics say we are in Los Angeles

In 2017 Los Angeles police made 1.6 million contacts with our citizens. Out of the 1.6 million contacts, there were 44 shootings involving our officers, which is less than 1% of the contacts made. Out of the 44 shootings in 2017, 57% were Hispanic, 22% Caucasian and 20% Black. There were a total of 17 fatalities, 1 Black, 6 Caucasian and 10 Hispanics.

If we follow social media and the news, we are murdering black people by the thousands every year. Sorry folks, facts matter. As diverse as LA is, Blacks have been shot less than any other group by our department. I just wanted to share this. I know there are those who could care less about these facts. There is no reaching them as they are stuck in their political dogmatic views.

The truth is, we must stop the false narrative that is being shared by many. It only serves to make it difficult to keep communities safe when hysteria and subjective thinking is the standard, by which we judge any group or profession and ties their hands. I am not saying that we are all perfect. I am saying that we are not what people say we are. Facts matter.