This is Hurting Us All

This is how I feel about the racial tensions of the day. 

Racism, race baiting and the sensationalism of these issues has closed the door to common sense, sound reason, and objectivity...and even worse, it has led to the senseless murder of an officer. Efforts for peace and understanding to prevent these things have been replaced with pandering and exploitation.  

The demonization of human beings on all sides of this issue has left our nation in an unhealthy space. We are in an era where we have become too easily addicted to the intoxication of hate and become accustomed to shuttering at the thought of the labor that comes with understanding, respect and love for our fellow man whether they wear a uniform or not. 

As a society, we have become comfortable in our typecasting of those we indoctrinate ourselves to hate and fear. This becomes deadly when the seeds of said indoctrination fall into the fertile heart of a weak and misguided soul who buys into it. 

As a society, we either forgot, or wantonly reject the fact that that the color of hatred is not Black or White. It is blue as it boils within us all, and red as it spills from us all at the hand of another hateful soul.  

We are in an era where, in the minds of some, a Black life is only as valuable as the race or profession of the person that kills them in the heat of a human moment in time. An era where an officer's life has become devalued to the extent that he or she is vilified as soon as they don their uniform to do an incredibly challenging job that their detractors do not have the courage and often admit in patronizing fashion that they could not do. Officers have become a target of those too emotional or intellectually lazy to at least try to see the other side. We have successfully politicized all life in our country, which has sadly devalued us all as a nation. 

This must change or black lives, police lives and all life will suffer.