The Advantage of Accepting You When Searching for Love

So I keep seeing all of these shows about people changing their appearances via plastic surgery to look like anything but themselves to find "True Love." 

After the surgery, many feel more confident and notice an increase in suitors seeking their attention. 

It seems that although the volume of shallow superficial people you attract will increase dramatically, the volume of bad apples will as well, as if being shallow and superficial weren’t bad enough. 

Of course, there are the medical risks to think about as well.  

But for those who love themselves. For those who embrace everything God gave and didn't give them, here is your advantage. 

When someone is attracted to you, they are actually attracted to you simply because YOU are their type and not because you fit into some mold or standard of beauty. 

That attraction often increases or decreases depending on how confident you are about yourself. Because truly, nothing is more sexy than someone who is confident. 

I have actually become attracted to women who typically weren't my type because they had swag. I remember being attracted to this one Sista who had no butt and I am a butt man to the bone. She also had small breasts. But she walked like she had a Serena Williams booty until I became a believer.  

She thought she was beautiful and after a short time, I saw it too. We dated for two years. 

Whether it is a high or low volume of people drawn in your direction, you have the advantage because it is real. 

Not knocking anyone who truly feels the need to make changes. To each their own. But for me, I'd rather have someone love all 255 pounds of this American male of African descent, with a big beautiful nose, bald head, and semi-full lips, with chocolate brown skin sprinkled with a few moles, just because that is who I am. 

And I'm good with that ya’ll.